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CO2 Surgical Cutting Laser

We perform many types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries at our clinic. As an alternative to surgical blades, we offer surgery being performed by a CO2 surgical laser. Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers produce highly concentrated light rays that are focused into a beam which efficiently ablate (vaporize or chip away) the living tissue. As the laser vaporizes through tissue, it seals capillaries, small blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings. It offers significant benefits over a blade to both patients and surgeons. Differing procedures that we perform routinely using a laser include: feline and canine spays, feline and canine neuters, mass removals, acral lick granuloma procedures, urinary bladder surgery, feline stomatitis procedures, and more.

To learn more about CO2 laser surgery and its benefits over surgical blades, please visit Feel free to come in and schedule an appointment to discuss this as an alternative option to routine blade procedures and how CO2 laser surgery might be able to help your pet.