Darlene started at Intracoastal West Veterinary Hospital in June 2016 but took a hiatus for 1 year and is now back. She grew up in New Jersey and moved to Florida 15 years ago with her husband Mick and son Matthew.

She has always loved all animals and knew from a young age that she wanted to care for them. Her journey started in 1990 at a small private hospital in New Jersey where she discovered veterinary medicine was truly her passion. She moved on to Banfiled Pet Hospital in 2002 where she worked as a technician and lead technician until 2015. She then went back into private hospitals as a technician.

She currently has a 14-year-old pit bull named Falco, and a 9-year-old Chihuahua mix named Bebe, and 14 cats – Majom (monkey in Hungarian), Kookie Mookie, Carnie, Boobiekitty, Spookitty Boo, Left Twix, Right Twix, Cookie, Salvador, and Peep. She also takes care of a small feral cat colony in her neighborhood. When she is not working she loves to treasure hunt on the beach, make jewelry, read and spend time with her family and friends.